Shoebox labelled ‘2011’

Let’s go bananas in 2012!
Making Mochi (餅)
Looking at the Falklands
Blue Tower, Red Light
Frozen ghost train
Roppongi Hole

Zenko gone Yako?
Double roofing
Light and Enlightment
Stairway to Skyway
Purple Christmas
Serious model for men

Boxing, chicken or pig
Warm December
Family day
The Lost Umbrella case
Colorful water
Pontocho, Kyoto

1000 Torii
Bright colors on a grey day
Orange cones and the tower
Modern Geisha
4 Degree wedding
Sunset train

Construction and the Sky Tree
P at 6 AM
Shadow and red heart
Twin Towers Roppongi Hills
Finding the empty seat with shades on