Shoebox labelled ‘2012’

Window to staircase
Electric Butterfly
Today, tomorrow and Sunday
Girls just wanna have fun
Gold potato

Liumin or The Red Bar
Billy& @ 8
Golden Gai
Morning mist
Mt.Fuji from Mt.Fuji
Light trails on Fuji-san

Mt. Fuji sunrise
Docking High
Summer Cicade
Pink Panther Orchid
The orchid trap
Orchids are animals

Orchids and Frogs
The Orchid family
Brazilia & Okinawa
Two birds and a spaceship
Kite surfing
Dreamy flowers

Forbidden door
The Ant Gathering
90 Degrees of Read Street
Wheelock @ Orchard
Nikko Goldeneye
Nikko Shinkyo sacred Bridge