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I’m pretty excited to announce the first book on my photography of Tokyo has been printed. It’s called “Tokyo Ichi”, which translates easily to “Tokyo One”; yes, already dreaming up the second book. See here the cover of the book:

Tokyo Ichi 00 Cover 201203

The book contains over 80 of my photographs, of which 12 have not been published before. Ofcourse it features the photo Blue Tower, Red Light voted “Photo of the day” on and Follow the leader voted “Noteworthy” on All in all the book provides a good overview of the different sides of Tokyo as I’ve experienced them throughout the first nine months of my living here: from the traditional sides of Japan to the grandeur and hustle and bustle of a true megalopolis.

It’s a hardcover 30x20cm (w x h) 40 page “layflat” book, which means on any page you’ll find the left and right page lying perfectly flat. This brings out the cross page panoramas in the book very well and prevents the book from automatically folding. I’ve added a few example pages of the book below. The book can be printed either on glossy or lustre photopaper, whichever you prefer!

Seeing the book before buying?

Perhaps you would like to see, touch and feel the book with your own hands before deciding to buy. Then you are in luck as there are two options:
1) do you live in Tokyo or elsewhere in Japan then please contact me personally at peter [ at ] and we will work something out
2) do you live in/close to Eindhoven or in the Netherlands: why not enjoy the pleasure of good wine and food at Jiu.Nu while taking an extensive look at the book which is on display in the restaurant.

How to order?

Online ordering has not been implemented yet and for now, please send an email to peter [ at ] with your wishes and additional questions. At the bottom of this page there is room for comments and an option to share the book news through your favorite social media, email or blog.

Page previews

Below you will find several page previews from the book. Each image is 2 pages, left and right, as you will find them in the book. Note: the white or black line you might find in the middle is just for indication and does not show in the real book.

Tokyo Ichi 02 201203

Tokyo Ichi 04 201203

Tokyo Ichi 05 201203

Tokyo Ichi 11 201203

Tokyo Ichi 18 201203

Tokyo Ichi 20 201203

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