2012 Exhibition


This is the second time Japanese blogger and photographer Miki Ohe gathers photographers for a charity exhibition. It started last year a short while after the initial recovery from the devastating earthquake and tsunami in Japan on March 11, 2011. As did so many, Miki also asked herself the question “What can I do to contribute?”. One of her answers to that question was to organise a charity event in the form of a photo exhibition.

The works of 7 photographers will be on display on this exhibition, as well as some handycraft products. Postcards, handycrafts and displayed photos of some of the contributing photographers are among the item which will be sold. The proceedings of these sellings and any other donations will go to Ashinaga. Ashinga is an organisation which supports the children who lost their parents in this natural disaster.

Where last year’s theme was aptly named “hope”, this second exhibition focusses on “light”. Having moved forward from the disaster since last year, Miki Ohe sais: “We hope everyone can feel light in life”. And so, the exhibition will show the views of each participating photographer on the light in life which has captured their imagination.



Chigusa Koike (小池千草)
Mika Kosada (小佐田美佳)
Rumiko Goto (ごとうるみこ)
Miki Ohe (大江美希)
Peter Klomp


Natsumi Tsuchida (土田菜摘)
Yuka Kuwahara (桑原有香)
Mari Ishihara (石原真理)
UncleZ (アンクルゼット)
Maki Inoue (井上万紀)


The dates are set and the exhibition will open at 12:00h on Friday November 23rd 2012 and last until Sunday November 25th.

Opening times:
Friday November 23rd 11:00h – 20:00h
Saturday November 24th 11:00h – 20:00h
Sunday November 25th 11:00h – 18:00h


Or follow this google maps link: Gallery address and route

We all welcome you to the exhibition and hope for your contribution to bring light again to the children.