Behind the lens

An update of this page is due. For now I’ll just say I’m based in San Diego since recently.

Projects, Publications, Featured in, …

Whatever you want to call it. Truth is I never really kept a record of these kind of things so far so I’ll add what I can still find as I go along.

  • Fire starter: Voted “Noteworthy” in theme “Fire”, 04 February 2013,
  • Rainbow facets: Notable mention, 30 January 2013,
  • Morning mist: Photo of the day award, 14 January 2013,
  • 2012 Exhibition: held in Meguro, Tokyo in November 2012
  • Wheelock @ Orchard: Photo of the day award, 07 July 2012,
  • Green arteries: Notable Mention 05 July 2012,
  • Tokyo Eclipse: Voted “Noteworthy” in theme “Inside”, 27 May 2012,
  • Ring and Tower: Notable Mention 04 April 2012,
  • Follow the leader: Voted “Noteworthy” in theme “Shoot”, 26 February 2012,
  • Blue Tower, Red Light: Photo of the day award, 30 December 2011,
  • 6th Brazilian Festival in Tokyo, 2011/09/03 & 04 held in Yoyogi Park; Capoeira performed by Capoeira Angola Tribo Da Lua.
  • DJ Ziggy Zix at E-troit Festival ’09 in De Effenaar in Eindhoven, Netherlands.
  • Salsa & Jazz Latino group Cantamigo performing at Nos Mundu Festival in Eindhoven, Netherlands, summer 2009.
  • German/Kyrgyz art project Paeckchen fur Kirgistan in Kyrgyzstan. Exposition in the Kyrgyz National Museum of Fine Art, Bishkek.
  • Before starting this own website/blog, I posted quite some images of my travels on the site of a Dutch travel magazine, Columbus. Please find the page with those pictures here: Comments given are mostly in Dutch, sorry.



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