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An update of this page is due. The “recent” in “Recently started in Tokyo” has faded and by now I’m many photos down the road and The Shoe Box has been steadily filled. In the meanwhile I have added a visitors map for fun (see right top link) to visualise which edges of the globe take interest in my photographs and Japan. Another small change is my personal business card, see here the new version:

Business Card Peter Klomp Photography

It’s been a bit quiet lately on the website, mainly due to business and travel. However daily updates should start soon enough and as you might have noticed, a first book of my photographs of Tokyo is available! Please check this page.

Projects, Publications, Featured in, …

Whatever you want to call it. Truth is I never really kept a record of these kind of things so far so I’ll add what I can still find as I go along.

  • Fire starter: Voted “Noteworthy” in theme “Fire”, 04 February 2013,
  • Rainbow facets: Notable mention, 30 January 2013,
  • Morning mist: Photo of the day award, 14 January 2013,
  • 2012 Exhibition: held in Meguro, Tokyo in November 2012
  • Wheelock @ Orchard: Photo of the day award, 07 July 2012,
  • Green arteries: Notable Mention 05 July 2012,
  • Tokyo Eclipse: Voted “Noteworthy” in theme “Inside”, 27 May 2012,
  • Ring and Tower: Notable Mention 04 April 2012,
  • Follow the leader: Voted “Noteworthy” in theme “Shoot”, 26 February 2012,
  • Blue Tower, Red Light: Photo of the day award, 30 December 2011,
  • 6th Brazilian Festival in Tokyo, 2011/09/03 & 04 held in Yoyogi Park; Capoeira performed by Capoeira Angola Tribo Da Lua.
  • DJ Ziggy Zix at E-troit Festival ’09 in De Effenaar in Eindhoven, Netherlands.
  • Salsa & Jazz Latino group Cantamigo performing at Nos Mundu Festival in Eindhoven, Netherlands, summer 2009.
  • German/Kyrgyz art project Paeckchen fur Kirgistan in Kyrgyzstan. Exposition in the Kyrgyz National Museum of Fine Art, Bishkek.
  • Before starting this own website/blog, I posted quite some images of my travels on the site of a Dutch travel magazine, Columbus. Please find the page with those pictures here: Comments given are mostly in Dutch, sorry.



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